What Is a Cold Start Dab

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What Is a Cold Start Dab

If you’ve tried dabbing, chances are, it involved at least some excessive heat and coughing. Not only is it potentially uncomfortable, but it also wastes valuable terpenes and cannabinoids. While there’s an art to hot dabbing that comes with time, a cold start dab (aka reverse dab) is a much smoother and less intense alternative.

Idaho Spring’s own Dispensary Exit 243 sources only the highest-quality cannabis concentrates, and our friendly budtenders are here to help you make the most of your experience by becoming a true master of the dab.

What is a Cold Start Dab?

Cold start dabs differ from hot dabs primarily in that you load the concentrate before heating it, not after. Rather than “shock” the concentrate with extreme preheating, you’ll gradually bring it up to the ideal temperature (around 450° F) with greater control. Of course, it raises the question: why does it matter?

The Advantages of Cold Start Dabbing

Compared to preheated dabbing, cold start dabs provide several key benefits:

  • It takes less time to prepare
  • Maximizes the terpene and cannabinoid content
  • Improves heat control and reduces the likelihood of burns
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • It simplifies the process, allowing you to relax and enjoy it more

How to Cold Start Dab?

Cold Start Dabbing Checklist

First, you’ll need the same standard equipment as for regular, preheated dabbing, with two possible exceptions:

  • Dabber, to apply the concentrate
  • Nail or banger, which holds the concentrate or an optional cold start banger, built specifically to distribute heat indirectly and more evenly
  • Carb cap, to cover and control the heat while retaining the aerosolized concentrate
  • A dabbing rig to keep it all together

That covers everything but the heating element, for which you have three options:

  1. A butane torch (as with normal dabbing)
  2. An eNail, which converts electricity to a predetermined amount of heat
  3. A temperature gun, as an alternative to an eNail

The cold start dab process is largely the same regardless of which heating element you choose, short one key difference for those using a torch. An electronic heating device makes it easier, but knowing how to do it with a conventional torch will enable you to cold start virtually any dabbing rig.

Cold Start Dabbing – Step by Step

  1. Apply the concentrate to your standard or cold start banger/nail using the dabber, then place the carb cap over it.
  2. For eNails or temperature guns: Depending on your device, either apply heat until the display reads 450°, or preset the device to stop there automatically.

For a butane torch: Apply the tip of the flame several inches away from the banger/nail only until the concentrate bubbles and starts to vaporize, then stop. This usually takes about 10 seconds.

3. The rig chamber should be full of vapor. Carefully rotate the carb cap and inhale, clearing the chamber in one or two breaths (reapply the carb cap between hits to preserve the product).

While it’s still relatively hot, you may want to clean the banger or nail between uses with a Q-tip.

Note also that some cold start rigs use a separate insert in the banger. The purpose is to reduce cool-down times, simplify cleaning, and exert greater control over the transfer of heat. It adds an extra step to the process, but some find it’s worth it.

The Smoothest Hits and Maximum Flavor with Dispensary Exit 243’s Select Concentrates

Of course, we left one more all-important tip for last: choose the highest-quality concentrate available for maximum product purity and a much smoother draw. With superior dabbing technique and product, you’ll have everything needed for optimal sessions and maximum potency.

At Dispensary Exit 243, we take every step necessary to ensure patrons have everything on hand for an inspired day in the mountains or just a more robust selection than they might find in the Denver Metro area. For more pointers on cold start dabs or any cannabis-related questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by the next time you pass through the I-70/Rocky Mountain portal.



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